The full breadth of
our building services

Here at West Coast Residential, we offer the full kit and kaboodle—from demolishing and custom home building right through to large scale development projects.

Custom homes

If it’s a unique residential home you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. We know that replication rarely satisfies and aim to make one-of-a-kind homes that perfectly cater to the lifestyle, budget and taste of their owners. With a dedication to good communication and plenty of in-depth chats, we’ll be able to design your dream home and bring it to life without a hitch.

Demolish & build

In a sustainability-focused world, knocking down a house is never the preferred option. But sometimes a structure has served its time and reached the point of no return, often making it more sustainable to start again than to try to fix it up. Here at West Coast Residential, we can take care of the demolition and rebuild, ensuring you have a clean slate to get you started. We also use a specialised waste management company to ensure very little ends up in landfill.


Looking to leap into a serious development opportunity? We’re here to help! Our high-quality craftsmanship and well-considered processes adapt perfectly from home builds to larger projects. Whether it’s a duplex or a multi-unit development, we’d love to discuss your project and see how we can help.

Book a consultation

Building a home is something most people do once, maybe twice in a lifetime. It’s a huge commitment of time, money and enthusiasm, usually inspiring a neverending list of questions. To get the discussions started and see if we’re a good fit for your build, book a consultation with our team at a time of your convenience. We’d be thrilled to share some of our wisdom and hear about the vision you want brought to life.