Get to know West Coast Residential

West Coast Residential is a young and dedicated building business. Thanks to our proven processes and relentless commitment to quality, we’ve become a respected organisation with a portfolio of beautiful homes under our belt. We’re so happy you’re taking the time to get to know us, and we hope to have the chance to get to know you soon too.

How we got started in the business of building homes

Before starting West Coast Residential, we gathered 20 years of experience working with project builders in Perth and its surroundings. During this time we saw first-hand the good, the bad and everything in between, eventually deciding we could offer a genuine alternative to project building.

Our concept was simple but strong. We wanted to build high-quality homes that exceeded expectations, even for clients with high standards or unusual challenges. We’re happy to say we’ve been doing this every day since. With plenty of creativity and a whole lot of honesty, we build homes and client relationships that we are endlessly proud of.

Our team


Founder, Director & Registered Builder

Offering a personal, hands-on approach to each client project, Washington is not your typical Founder / Director. Before creating West Coast Residential in 2012, Washington worked with two major project builders in Perth, learning first hand the perks and pitfalls of inflexible builds. When not busy running our show, Washington spends his hours doting on his two daughters and his wife, Megan. He also likes to hit the skies to flex his skills as a recreational pilot and enjoys disconnecting from it all with a hit of off-grid camping.


Contract Administrator

Melinda has been with West Coast Residential since 2015, joining Washington after previous time spent working together for another building organisation. With a knack for contract documentation, building permits and approvals, social media and marketing, Melinda is a vital part of the business. When not devoting herself to West Coast Residential’s clients, Melinda spends her time in adoration of her two kids and husband, often gravitating to the beach or water for a bit of r’n’r.


Interior Design

The owner of West Coast Residential’s exclusive design partner business, Hatch Interiors, Adriana brings an abundance of style and interior wisdom to our projects. From charming vintage spaces to coastal-inspired settings and Hamptons looks aplenty, Adriana’s portfolio is a testament to her good taste and qualifications. When not covered in colour swatches and furniture brochures, you’ll find Adriana all wrapped up in her furbaby, Alfie the Labradoodle. 



Lucky for us Deb’s the type to settle for semi-retirement rather than the fully clocked off work deal—because we couldn’t last a week without her. Deb supports many of us with her organisational skills, bookkeeping wizardry and contract skills, most recently whilst we built a West Coast Residential home for her to live in with her husband, John. A passionate cook and gardener who loves travelling around Australia, Deb is happiest when hanging out with her four grandkids.


On-Site Support

Our man on the ground keeping the ship sailing smoothly, John brings a tonne of civil construction knowledge to every West Coast Residential site. When not enjoying the great outdoors with a dose of camping or sparking up his barbecue, you’ll find John whizzing about answering all of our queries and solving multiple problems at once. He’s one of those guys that won’t sit still, which is lucky for us, because boy oh boy does his dedication and enthusiasm get the job done.


Accounts Officer

The all-essential maths master and maintainer of the books! Alison has been with West Coast Residential since 2015, keeping the cogs of the business turning without a hitch. Though you may not have the pleasure of meeting Alison when you build your home with us, rest assured she’s very busy behind the scenes. Outside of her time buried in our books, she’s an unashamed crazy cat lady with a green thumb, spending her weekends pruning and planting to the sound of a meow.

If this is your first build with us, you may be wondering how the journey will play out, and what you can expect with us from start to finish. Our process runs off a four-stage plan, with each step bringing new levels of excitement and anticipation. Your shiny new abode will begin to morph from an idea to a reality. Here’s a little overview of what your experience will look like when you build with us…

The stages of the process
when you build with us

Stage 01

Initial meeting

Stage one is all about getting to know you and the home you’re dreaming of. We’ll talk through timeframes and budgets, and look at any images you can share for inspiration. We’ll get a good understanding of the intricacies of your site and what you want to get out of your home. Robust and easy to clean? Dazzling and fancy? A nod to another place or time? We’re all ears.

Stage 02

Design and quote

Once we feel we know exactly what you’re looking for, our team will get to work packaging up your new home into a design and quote. We’ll then work collaboratively with you to fine-tune the details until you’re 120% happy. A shower might become a bath, a walk-in-robe might get extended, a balcony might appear out of nowhere. We’ll step closer towards the reality of your build and perfect every nook and cranny.

Stage 03

Permits, approvals
and interiors

With the design and layout mapped out, we’ll go to council for permits and approvals. While we wait – a little impatiently, if we’re honest – the interior details can get further attention. Wall paint colours, tiles, doorknobs, fans, showerheads, carpets…there’s plenty to keep us occupied while council does their thing. By the time they come back to us with the much desired green light, we’ll be ready to start hammering nails and mixing cement.

Stage 04

Building works

As fun as it is to dream up the plans of your new home, nothing compares to Stage 04 when the build actually begins. You’ll have keys and updates every step of the way, as we edge closer to the day you can officially move in. Our team will be available for any questions or concerns along the way, with regular on-site meetings arranged to keep communication flowing.

Our difference

Well built

We see a lot of new homes that look great on the surface but have the durability of a flat-pack cabinet. Our homes are built to stand the test of time, with high-quality finishes and careful craftsmanship.

Low maintenance

When you build a sturdy home with a carefully considered design, it’s naturally easy to maintain. With a West Coast Residential home, you can expect everything to stay in its place, in working order, looking good as new for years to come.

Custom homes

Building a home that’s unique to your needs is important, and not something that should be reserved for those with a hefty budget. We aim to craft unique homes for budgets big and small that always exceed expectations.

Construction keys

From start to finish this home remains yours, a fact that we never forget. That’s why we give owners a construction key as soon as they are available, so you can keep an eye on progress and let the excitement brew along the way.

Client portal

Communication sits at the heart of our business—we know that it can be the make or break of a good building experience. Our client portal gives access to building information, documents and progress photos, ensuring everything is crystal clear.

Think your expectations
are high? We think we can exceed them.

It may sound a little presumptuous, but it’s a statement we make based on the feedback of our many past clients. They came to us hoping for something incredible, and we were able to go above and beyond. It’s a great privilege to build someone their home, and one we take very seriously.


We’re an authentic bunch with an honest approach to business. Expect a no-nonsense, no beating around the bush approach to your build.


Working off the motto that the devil is in the details, we ensure our work is high quality down to the final hinge and the very last screw.


We know the building industry has a bit of a reputation for surprises and hidden details. We shake that off with total transparency from start to finish.


We’ve done the hard yards to get educated on what it takes to build a great home. We aim to pass this knowledge on to our clients so they can make great decisions.

Sustainability & safety

Sustainability and safety
are number one

The safety of our team and our planet are of huge importance to the way we operate our business here at West Coast Residential. We know that we can’t succeed unless the people and places around us are thriving too.

We use resource recovery solutions to ensure our waste is sorted, recycled and repurposed, with only a tiny amount left to landfill. Our sustainability practises also stream into our office, being predominantly paperless with software that allows electronic document sharing, client updates and product ordering.

Using speciality software, we ensure our sites remain safe and compliant, with online inductions and site check-ins completed by all of our trades.

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