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For the Investor

Designing and building an investment home is different to building a home you’ll live in. As experienced investor-builders ourselves, the West Coast Residential team can give you the guidance you need to choose the right dimensions, materials, appointments and extras.

Our experienced design, drafting and building teams can create single homes, house-behind-house, duplex, triplex, multi-unit developments that will meet your investment budget and sales or rental requirements.

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Has your builder ceased trading and left you with your new home incomplete?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that now and again a builder goes into insolvency administration and ceases trading, leaving their customers with an incomplete home and lots of worries.

Fortunately home warranty insurance is mandatory in Western Australia which provides a degree of cover for loss caused by defective or incomplete work in the event of the insolvency of a builder.

Nevertheless it can be a frightening and frustrating experience:

  • Work will have stopped on site so there may be a danger of water damage, theft or vandalism.
  • Your contact person at the building company may no longer be available so you have trouble finding out what is going on, and you have no one to talk to or turn to for help.
  • You are likely to feel abandoned and unsupported with little understanding of your rights, or the process to protect them and have your home completed.
  • The prospect of having to engage another builder to complete the home, negotiating prices (again) and dealing with the insurer may seem daunting.
  • Other builders, particularly the larger ones, are unlikely to be interested in taking over your project.

You are likely to feel alone, frustrated and under pressure.


We can help you to deal with the immediate issues and also to complete the building of your home


At a time like this you need some people on your side. I am a registered builder, member of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association and with ten years experience, I have seen the pain and anguish caused when a builder ceases trading and leaves their customers in limbo.

I see it as an opportunity to help.

We are not lawyers or financial advisers so it is important that you seek your own independent professional advice with regard to your legal rights and financial position; however we can help you with the building related issues you face. And we can complete the building of your home for you.

Here’s how we can be of immediate practical assistance:

  • We can provide you with basic building-related and home warranty insurance claim advice.
  • We will do a quick assessment of your position on-site; where work is up to and anything that needs to be done immediately to protect your asset.
  • We will then do a thorough and detailed inspection of the dwelling to confirm that completed work is up to standard, and quantify the amount of works required to complete the contract.
  • We can help you with the building related aspects of your Home Warranty Insurance claim.
  • We can provide you with a quotation to complete the works.
  • We can finish building your home in as stress-free way as is possible in the circumstances.

We are not a big building company so you won’t get lost in a bureaucratic maze, you will deal with me personally and I will take full responsibility for ensuring we get your home completed to the standard you would expect.

If you are faced with this dilemma and feel we may be able to help you please call me directly, obligation-free, on 0410 341 838.

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