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It seems so simple, doesn’t it – the right person to run a home building company is a builder.

So many building companies these days are dominated by sales people, I decided that it was time the home buyers of Perth had a genuine alternative – a home building company run by builders.

Everyone you talk to at West Coast Residential understands building – so we don’t make promises we can’t keep, or that will significantly affect the cost of your home or the building time after you’ve signed a contract.

Through superior planning, properly documented and annotated, we create better quality homes with fewer delays, lower costs and higher standards. Our streamlined administration simplifies the paperwork so your home will be on site within 8 weeks from final plan and contract signoff.

Our quicker administration means you can be moving into your new home months earlier than other builders – a saving that is often overlooked.

West Coast Residential is a young company – but its outstanding pedigree, the dynamic energy of its team and the quality of its trades and materials have already set it apart.

It’s my idea of the perfect home building company – talk to us and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

Washington Avila